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Where will God take you next? This mission trip is more than just a journey to a foreign land. Perhaps God is in the process of some deep spiritual growth. The journal is built for Christian mission trips. Experience everything God can do before, during, and after a mission trip.


  • 168 Pages

  • 5 months of journaling

  • 5.5 x 8.5 inches

  • 14 x 21.6 centimeters

  • Cream Pages

  • World Map: 4 pages

  • Travel Notes: 2 Pages

  • Quotes/Scripture: 50 quotes

  • Miracle Lists: 4 Pages

  • Preparation Weekly reviews: 12 weeks over 40 pages

  • In Country journal: 16 days over 32 pages

  • When you return Weekly reviews: 4 weeks over 8 pages

  • 12 Weekly Sections Before Trip

  • 4 Team Training/Meetings

  • 16 In Country Daily Sections

  • 4 Weekly Sections After Trip


5 Star Rating on Amazon

I love this Mission journal! I wasn’t one that enjoyed journaling and found it challenging to journal. However this journal is easy to use, but so profound. The structure of the journal helps me capture what God is doing in my life. God is showing up BIG time...and it is worth writing and remembering it.

Lily | Amazon


So often on missions trips our heart and head gets over whelmed and it’s hard to really process all that is happening when you are physically and emotionally exhausted. The journal provides the perfect question to push past that. It helps you to be the biggest blessing you can be wherever missions takes you. I would highly recommend especially for first time missions goers. It really helps you get the maximum amount of growth from your missions trip as well as keeping you healthy you so can be a blessing wherever you are.

Clair | Amazon


This journal is AMAZING! Best journal for any adventure or mission trip! This journal became my best friend throughout the whole mission trip and helped me organize my plans, mission’s meetings, emotions, and thoughts before, during, and after my VERY FIRST trip. I am currently writing in the Mission Journal, TODAY, to process my emotions, tears, love, and overwhelming joy that I got from my first mission trip.


Jonathon | Amazon


Questions & Answers


When Should I order my journal?

You can order your journal anytime during your preparation for your trip. The journal begins 20 weeks (about four months) before departure. The best time to purchase the journal is 5 months before departure.


Are There Discounts For Bulk Orders?

Yes! If you plan to order more than 5 journals, we offer discounts. Please check our product page for the latest discounts. If you are purchasing more than 100 at a time, please feel free to email us here and we will add you to our prime list.


What is your shipping policy? Do you ship internationally? 

3-5 Days for Standard Orders up to 50 journals.
Orders over 50 journals can take up to 10 business days to arrive.


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Do You Offer Special Editions? 

Special editions, including personalized covers and church imprints, can be created in large quantities for special needs. For more information, contact our team for custom order at sales@themissionsjournal.com


Do You Offer Returns?

Yes, we are pleased to offer a return policy on orders within 30 days of purchase. Please email us at yourfriends@themissionjournal.com to begin your return. We are unable to accept returns on custom orders.


How do I order wholesale? 

You can order wholesale to sell in your bookstore or on your website by contacting us here