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Attract more young people to your global outreach

The Mission Journal is your guide to the ultimate short-term mission experience. Take out all the guess work, come prepared with devotionals, and see God move in your teams.


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We will send you a complimentary starter kit that includes the journal for you to get your hands on and test.

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Pay less, up to 45% off the original price, when you buy the journal for your teams.

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Personalize the journal with your logo on the front and your website on the back.


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The journal is a beautiful way to look back at what God did in the preparation, during, and after the mission trip :)

- Lily

the Mission Journal was a perfect little gem that I didn't know I needed. Discovering their ad via Instagram (props to the company for great ad targeting), I was intrigued by their strong visuals and copy. As a four-time leader of a short term missions team, I have been looking for a great resource like this.

- Michael Mims

Ideal journal to use when going on a missions trip. This is book is perfect for those going on first-time mission trips and also those who have gone on mission trips. It lays everything out and keeps you accountable to how you are feeling spiritual before/during/after the mission trip. 

- Brian Lee

This journal is AMAZING! Best journal for any adventure or mission trip! This journal became my best friend throughout the whole mission trip and helped me organize my plans, mission’s meetings, emotions, and thoughts before, during, and after my VERY FIRST trip. I am currently writing in the Mission Journal, TODAY, to process my emotions, tears, love, and overwhelming joy that I got from my first mission trip.

- Jonathan Thonglom

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