The Journal to Help You Grow With God


Benefits of Journaling

Humans are bad at retaining information. We forget. We hear, we discuss, we learn, and we forget. Journaling has a way of engaging your brain/spirit in a way that aids retention quicker and easier. Plus, here is a short list of additional benefits:

  • Creates gratitude

  • Stimulates learning

  • Heals relationships

  • Heals the past

  • Dignifies all events

  • Is honest, trusting, non-judgmental

  • Strengthens your sense of yourself

  • Balances and harmonizes

  • Recalls and reconstructs past events

  • Acts as your own counselor

  • Integrates peaks and valleys in life

  • Soothes troubled memories

  • Sees yourself as a larger, important, whole and connected being

  • Reveals and tracks patterns and cycles

  • Improves self-trust

  • Directs intention and discernment

  • Improves sensitivity

  • Interprets your symbols and dreams

  • Offers new perspectives

  • Brings things together

  • Shows relationships and wholeness instead of separation


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