Incorporating the Mission Journal Into Your Organization

With over 4000 missionaries who have used our journal in the past 16 months, we have seen some amazing, creative solutions come about for mission teams.

  1. Gift the Journal

The journal is a great way to promote your organizations trips. A little incentive to act always helped! Organizations have used tools like:

  • “Every mission team member receives training, a coach, and a Mission Journal when they sign-up for organization name’s trip.”

  • “Join us for our mission trip to Haiti this summer and get a free Mission Journal if you sign-up by this date.”

  • “We are giving away a free Mission Journal to the first 15 sign-ups for our summer trip to Cambodia.”

We even provide social media posts & digital tools to promote your trips.

2. Customize the Journal

Making the journal part of all your teams make the customization feature even sweeter. Many organizations try creating their own journal and within a few days find out how challenging it is to design, source paper, print, and produce. We offer solutions where your organization could customize the cover of the journal (and even include an introductory note from your organization or leader). Here are a few pictures of organizations that have customized the journal.

3. Bulk Orders

The savings for bulk orders is tremendous, especially for large organizations. An average team will save about 20% on their order just by buying it for their team. In 2018, we had over 40 teams purchase the journals in bulk, averaging about a 30% savings! Bulk orders typically range from 100-750 journals. Orders above 250 journals, get a free customization.

Link to bulk pricing table

4. Hidden Covers

Many mission teams operate in closed or highly-persecuted countries. We offer a journal for organizations purchasing more than 50 journals with a more discrete cover. This helps team members feel reassured that nothing is too loud in their host country. To learn more about this, please message us directly and ask us about hidden covers via

5. Personal Gift for family/friend


Many young people have purchased the journal for their friend who is going on their first mission trip. It’s beautiful to see. We even include a special note inside, if you would like, with a kind note to your friend or family member.

There are many applications to the Mission Journal. I wonder how you will use it?

David Iskander