Questions to Answer During or After Your Mission Trip


Here is a list of valuable, life-changing questions you can ask before, during, or after your trip. If you are leading a team, this may essentially change the trajectory of the people on your team’s life.

Daily Reflection

While on your trip and on your way home, use these questions to discover more about yourself.

  1. What made today special?

  2. Any fears or anxiety for today?

  3. Any fears or anxiety about tomorrow?

  4. What was the most ‘light-up’ experience you had today/this week/during the trip?

  5. Name one thing new - seen, met, eaten, touched, smelled, or experienced today?

  6. What are you most excited about today?

  7. One major breakthrough, miracle, or blessing today?

  8. What cultural moment stuck out to you the most?

  9. Did you discover new potential in yourself today? If so, was it a surprise?

  10. What is one thing that made you smile today?

  11. What is one thing that made you sad today?

  12. What was the hardest part of today?

  13. What story from today resonates the most?

  14. What was one humbling experience of today?

  15. What is one experience/thing you are most grateful for today?

Life-Changing Questions

Sometimes there are questions that make what we do in life change, grow, and develop. Use these questions as springboards into your future.

  1. What is one thing you experienced during the mission that really stuck out?

  2. What spiritual practice did you see during your trip that really stuck out?

  3. What spiritual practice did you see during your trip that you want to emulate back at home?

  4. What cultural difference did you see during your trip that really stuck out?

  5. What one practice would you bring back home from your experience?

  6. What new potential did you find in yourself during this trip?

  7. Did you learn something new about God?

  8. If money wasn’t an issue, what would you do with your time?

  9. How has this trip helped you determine what you want in life?

  10. How has this trip helped you determine what’s most important to you?

  11. How can you use this trip to develop new habits?

  12. What have you learned about people as a result of this trip?

  13. What three things did you learn from this trip?

  14. What books do you want to read when you come back home?

  15. Was there one thing on this trip that made you lose track of time?

  16. If you could give your whole life to any effort, without worrying about money/resources, what would it be?

  17. Who will you advocate for back at home?

  18. What is one word (phrase) you gather from this experience you can take back home with you?

  19. What is a 2-minute summary of your experience on this trip?

  20. What is a 10-minute summary of your experience on this trip?

Reflection Questions

Re-entry is when you feel the most isolated, lonely, overwhelmed, restless, frustrated, sad, tired, and conflicted. Use these questions below to gather your confidence and bring yourself back home strong so that you can integrate your new experiences back at home.

  1. Any anxiety about heading home?

  2. How has this trip helped you build bridges?

  3. How has this trip helped you improve how you react to difficult situations?

  4. Any unhealthy stereotypes about culture, God, church break during your trip?

  5. What is the single greatest time-waster in your life?

  6. List one to three things you should stop doing back at home?

  7. Anything you should disassociate with? Something or someone keeping you from what God has put in your heart?

  8. If you had one thing you can teach everyone back at home, what would you teach?

  9. What was your favorite single day/event of the trip?

  10. Did you achieve any lifelong goals?

  11. What was the hardest lesson you learned during this trip?

  12. Are there any new hobbies or passions you want to develop after the trip?

  13. What was the most humbling experience of this trip?

  14. What is one thing you are most grateful for in your life?

  15. What is one personal goal or career goal you have for your future from this experience?

Journaling isn’t about writing. It’s about growth, healing, and becoming more. Consider using our prompt based journal for your next trip.

David Iskander