One of the most intuitive journals. Ever.

We get it. Recruiting people can be difficult and keeping them engaged takes lots of work. Let's change that by fundamentally transforming the way people experience missions. Let's take it out of their head and get in one place: the Mission Journal by asking them the right questions, at the right time. 


For years, missions pastors, directors, and leaders have known one thing: God uses mission trips to put people on an accelerated discipleship program.

That’s why we built the Missions Journal – to give everyone a framework to capture ALL God is doing. If we are honest, our memory is fickle and we may miss some of the things God is doing because he is doing so MUCH!  

Whether you want to give people a huge faith adventure or deepen their relationship with Jesus, the Missions Journal for Teams will get you where you want to go.


The JOURNAL Timeline


20 Weeks

(2 Pages Each Week)


In Country

16 Days

(2 Pages Each Day)

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When You Return

4 Weeks

(2 Pages Each Week)