The Five Part Framework

We realized there are spiritual markers that happen on nearly every trip. Our 5-Part framework is the jolt of inspiration and structure you need to help you internalize fast-paced spiritual development to the fullest.

1st Spiritual marker

Your Personal Statement

Understanding your why will keep you grounded when you set out on this journey. 

2nd Spiritual Marker


Your mission trip is  filled with meetings, planning, designing, writing your story, and gathering donations all while doing the most important task: growing spiritually. This journal is designed to not overlook the spiritual wins God is giving you along the way. 

3rd Spiritual marker

In Country

It’s here. One day can be  filled with 100 surprises. To give you room to capture it without feeling overwhelmed you complete your journal twice a day, for just a few moments each. And since you collect more stories than you can write, we give you our method of quickly capturing the heart of a story with- out explanation.

4th Spiritual marker

When You Return

Your journey may feel over, but it’s not over yet. It’s like God fed you a meal that could last a year. We breakdown a one-page weekly review for you to capture all the experiential knowledge and wisdom 

5th Spiritual marker

Personal Commitment

What is your return strategy? How do you take what you experienced and transfer it to the people back at home? Many people with great, world-changing ideas are not able to make them happen. We designed this  final section for you to define your next steps with an in-depth and well tested method of winning. Reentry doesn’t have to be tough. We give you the tools and tricks to turn your experience with God into a lifestyle.